EMMA Dataport

Document Submission

EMMA Dataport now features an enhanced user interface and improvements to the continuing disclosure submission process for issuers. Read more about the changes.

Municipal securities dealers, municipal advisors, issuers, obligated persons and their designated agents provide the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) with electronic documents to be posted on EMMA. EMMA Dataport is the utility through which submissions of documents and related information are made to MSRB Market Transparency Programs. For information about how to make specific submissions, please click on the applicable link below.

For time sensitive issues call MSRB Support at or send an email to MSRBsupport@msrb.org.

  • Submissions by Municipal Advisors

    Municipal advisors must register with the MSRB and comply with all relevant rules governing their market activities.

    Political Contribution Disclosure Submissions

    Municipal securities dealers that underwrite municipal bonds and municipal advisors must submit information to the MSRB on their municipal securities and municipal advisory business and related political contributions to officials of municipal entities, state and local political parties, and bond ballot campaigns. Political contribution information is to be provided for the regulated entity, its municipal finance professionals and municipal advisor professionals, non-MFP and non-MAP executive officers, as well as political action committees controlled by the regulated entity or their municipal finance professionals or municipal advisor professionals.

  • Submissions by Issuers

    Municipal issuers provide disclosures about their bonds through the MSRB's EMMA website.

    Continuing Disclosure Submissions

    Continuing disclosure submissions include event-based and financial disclosures pursuant to continuing disclosure undertakings entered into and consistent with Exchange Act Rule 15c2-12, as well as other continuing disclosure documents concerning municipal securities. The MSRB accepts disclosures for asset-backed securities under SEC Rule 15Ga-1. Voluntary disclosures, including disclosure of Bank loans and alternative financings, the timing in which annual financial statements will be disclosed on EMMA, the accounting method by which the annual financial statements are prepared, and a URL link that provides access to additional financial information, are also submitted for posting on the EMMA website.

    The MSRB provides online training for the following continuing disclosure submissions to EMMA:
    Submitting Financial Disclosures
    Submitting Event-Based Disclosures
    Creating and Controlling Groups of Securities

    FAQs About Continuing Disclosure Submission (PDF)
    Manual for Continuing Disclosure Submission (PDF)

    Preliminary Official Statements and Voluntary Primary Market Submissions

    Voluntary submissions of primary market documents, which include preliminary official statements, official statements, and pre-sale documents, can be submitted to the MSRB for posting on the EMMA website.

    Manual for Voluntary Submissions by Issuers and Obligated Persons